canadian - american, BORN IN BELLINGHAM.
RAISED IN PORT ANGELES, based in glacier.
Sixteen years of painting laid the foundation for creation as a form of therapeutic expression. in 2016, a past time quickly blossomed into a budding graphic art career. Growing up, I was surrounded by artists. My mother was a graphic designer, my aunts artists of their own craft as well.
I was 16 when I got my first taste of the Adobe world and the unlimited possibilities it holds  I began an internship with a close friend, Natalie murphy. at the time she designed winter wear for Roxy, and taught me the ins and outs of creating tech packs. Surrounded by women chasing their artistic dreams, it's been only natural for me to forge my own path. 
I am inspired by our play ground of a planet. I find myself at home by the mountains and ocean that embrace me. 
through SKIING, SNOWBOARDING, SURFING, and wake surfing, I have had opportunities to travel, learn and grow. Not only as an athlete, competitor, and teacher, but as a simple human who loves the earth and the water that moves us. my work shows my admiration for my Lucious surroundings. plants, animals, and raw emotions. I believe in simplicity and style, in life and in art.
OVER THE YEARS I'VE STUDIED AND EXPERIMENTED WITH MANY DIFFERENT MEDIAS. PAINTING came first, I had an easel and a pair of skis by age two, the passions of my parents, and they've been the ones to stick. in school, I broadened my horizons to include GRAPHITE, stained glass, collage, water color, and photography. Adobe came next, and chalk became a daily source of expression during a three year stint of drawing menus and beer boards at the gastropub that was my "day job". 
graphic art & design has been keeping my brain busy and happy for the last five years, I’ve been dipping my toes in mural work as well as hand painted signs.
over the years I have worked on many board projects. painting surfboards, donating painted skate decks to b4bc, and creating snowboard graphics.
stay tuned for skate deck drops/bidding opportunities as well as exciting announcements about goods you can get your hands (feet?) on, coming soon!
for business inquiries, email: jasminenoellong@hotmail.com or fill out the form below.
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